About Us

An innovative modular shelter tech startup commited to build sustainable shelter solutions.

Brand story​

A group of young engineers from various backgrounds and expertise who assembled to figure out the best solution for the refugee camps. We follow a set of core values that guide our decisions and serve as the foundation for our culture. Our team is a diverse mix of thought leaders and thinkers who bring together their individual skillsets to realize our vision.

We are a team composed of engineers, architects, planners, designers, builders, and logistics specialists with experience in the field.

We know how to get your site office on the ground as quickly and effectively as possible.

Modcave continues its commitment to exceed customer expectations whilst providing a safe harmonious work enviorment through our leadership and values!

- Conduct business with integrity and fairness

- Focus on our customers need

- Provide quality products and services

- Committed to what's right, we are trusted

- Responsible to a better world, we care


The mission Modcave was established in response to need for temporary shelter solutions that can be deployed for refugee camp crises, disaster relief, onsite accomodation needs that can be installed anywhere, anytime.

Construction companies are currently spending significant time and money on the construction with the lack of a safe space to work in that can cause them to lose money

Our aim is to offer a fully equipped onsite offices with all the modern amenities temporary that can be securely ported in any location of your choice, without any hassles and also to reduce the transportation costs of redeploying unlike the currently available products in the market.

To offer mobile office accomodations that are easy to transport and set up with minimal equipment. To provide a peak performance at the lowest possible price point.


Our vision is to offer an innovative solutions that are quick, convenient, and more affordable for Roads & Highway construction companies,

Railway lines and Bridge construction firms as well as Large scale building construction firms.

We're ambitious and determined to succeed, with a goal to save lives and alleviate suffering through our innovative product. We have a vision of helping to create more stable communities in the future.