About Us

An innovative modular shelter-tech startup using modern construction techniques to build efficient, effective and affordable shelter solutions.


About Us

We are a modern-day shelter manufacturing and rental company, providing for all sorts of accommodation. Aspiring to develop variety of foldable accommodation facilities that can be placed at any location, at any time.

The idea of creating foldable shelter with a higher comfort level was born citing the urgency for requirement of affordable housing solutions. The company ModCave Shelter Tech was founded on 15th January, 2021 and started in Nagpur, Maharashtra. In 2021, the company is officially launched. The idea of Foldable shelters was incepted in early 2020 but it took almost an year of ideation and conceptualization, until 2021 before the first prototype was made. And there is more to come, because we keep on innovating!

What we do....

ModCave Shelter Tech uses unconventional building methods and standard materials in an innovative modular structure that unfolds to provide an affordable, high-quality living space, quickly and easily.  We’ve combined aesthetics, modularity and customizability into a fully-functional, foldable shelter solution that is ready to live.


Founder's Message

At ModCave Shelter Tech, 'problem solving' is our motto. We believe that our products should be customer-centric, customer-oriented and customer-friendly. Our mission is to empower consumers and end-users to develop their own personalized living experience.

Haris Saghir
Co founder, Modcave Shelter Tech.

Haris Saghir


Shadan Sheikh


Alfaz Hirani


Committed to providing safe and economical Shelters.

We build versatile, eco-friendly and comfortable structures which are compatible for any purpose, a space for anything and everything.

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